About Game:
When you start the game, he immediately throws us into the eyes of a climate seasoned with interesting graphics interface. We do not have any fireworks here – you will find just what you need for a common player, or rational minimalism.
Even a brief review the options that gives us Gladiatus shows that the player needs to be set, mainly to gain experience and level up your character. Experience points can be earned either through said through fighting in the arena, and by the incursions outside the city. An interesting solution is to divide the game world into two parts. The one that is in the city, where we can visit the arena, buy something at the alchemist, dealer or visit the market and the outside walls where we can deal with the enemies generated by the game, giving a lot of experience, greater wealth, etc..
Now a few words about the life that opens up before us in the capital. As mentioned above there can buy equipment to fight both ordinary merchant, as well as the auction house, where the same hardware, bid against other players. We can also make some money on hiring in the stable, or take some interesting mission in the tavern. What would, however, not to say, the essence of the game is to fight. The city can, with options arena, challenge to fight other players.
This game, like any other game “browser” offers great opportunities in terms of human interaction. Introduced ranking of the players gives the opportunity to check their current position and to compare how it presents itself in relation to other players. Players are given the opportunity to start their own guild, where players can jointly affiliated exchange acquired equipment, experience and plan attacks on hostile players.
In closing I must say that on first introduction Gladiatus much interested. In the game, you can meet thousands of gladiators ready to take up the gauntlet thrown by you. If you want, the gates of Rome stand before you open.

About Cheat:
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